Stanley Park

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This section was to be expanded during 2002 to give information, and of course photographs, about Vancouver's incredible (but vulnerable) Stanley Park. It is currently (2008) way out of date - especially my comments about the Ecology Society.

Various events in 2001 clearly indicated the need for some kind of independent stewardship program for the park. The most troubling events concerned the Park Board's attitude to the colony of Great Blue Herons. Then of course there was the great Swan debate - perhaps debate is the wrong word.

My concerns are mainly with the wildlife in the park - including Owls, Otters and others.

The Stanley Park Ecology Society does the best it can, but its (volunteer based) resources are limited. If you are in the park be sure to visit the Nature House - even when not open they keep a weekly bird and mammal count posted in the window. I just wish they made the information available online. A graph or tabulation of the sightings over the last 10 years, would I fear, reveal some alarming trends in the bird population. This winter we have seen less than half the usual number of wintering birds on Lost Lagoon and only about 10% of the usual number of Surf Scoters along the Sea Wall. As for the Western Grebes (seen in thousands just a few years ago) - they are simply gone (apart from a few individual sightings).

It is still an incredible park for the middle of a city, I just want to keep it that way!

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